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Asia Pacific

Superior covers the needs of the rapidly expanding Asia Pacific market.

Superior Energy Services has a strong presence in the ever-expanding Asia Pacific market, which includes Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Superior offers a wide range of drilling products and services throughout the Asia Pacific market, and our offerings are expanding. In this region, a global Superior provider can help in many ways, including drilling products; offshore completion and workover services; production services; and subsea and technical solutions.

In Australia, Superior companies are ready to provide coiled tubing; cementing; wireline; hydraulic workover; plug and abandonment; subsea inspection, repair and maintenance; downhole drilling; snubbing; intervention; pressure pumping; and remedial pumping services.

Nearby in Indonesia, Superior is the go-to provider for subsea inspection, repair and maintenance services; completion services; and intervention services; and in Malaysia, Superior is actively involved in subsea inspection, repair and maintenance; intervention; and plug and abandonment. The company is also continuously called upon to provide downhole drilling tools to this region.

In the Philippines, Superior has hands-on experience in plug and abandonment projects; and in Thailand, Superior has stepped in to provide hydraulic workover and snubbing services.

Superior was called upon to step in to support emerging projects and these successful efforts have helped bolster oil and gas activity in this region. Superior remains committed to providing drilling; offshore completion and workover; production; and subsea and technical support to this expanding market.

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