Intelligent Well Systems

Intelligent Control Downhole

With numerous applications in deepwater, multizone, high-angle completions and production field management, the Hydraulic Actuated Well Completion (HAWC™) system is Superior’s intelligent well completion package. Comprised of a pass-through production packer and independently operated hydraulic control sleeve, it delivers the flexibility to selectively control flow from various zones in a single well. Able to shift remotely between producing zones, it maximizes overall production. Operators worldwide can isolate and adjust internal flow control with real-time measurement of downhole temperature and pressure.

A close up on Superior's HAWC system

Known for reliability, the HAWC™ intelligent completion technology provides consistent and long-term performance in challenging downhole environment. It’s currently available in 4.5-inch and 3.5-inch tubing sizes with pressure ratings up to 15,000 psi.

HAWC™ Intelligent Completion System Applications

  • Deepwater wells
  • Multizone completions
  • Remote production/injection access
  • High-angle completions
  • Production field management

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