Single Trip Systems

Reduce Cycle Time and Completion Costs

Uniquely suited for today’s completion environment and adaptable to challenging wellbore requirements worldwide, Superior’s ComPlete™ family of single-trip sand control systems help reduce completion cycle time and associated sand control costs, minimizing formation damage while optimizing productivity.

A model showing the interior of a pipe

MST System: Stimulate and Complete Multiple Zones

Our Multizone Single-Trip (MST) sand control system with zonal isolation offers flexibility in sand placement techniques. Qualified to accommodate high pump rates and proppant volumes, the system also allows for varied zone spacing and enhanced reservoir production.


  • Decrippler Sub
  • Disappearing Check Valve
  • Multi-profile Multi-service Valve
  • Multi-profile Shifting Tools

HST System: Go Long and Lateral

An open-hole extended reach solution, our Horizontal Single-Trip (HST) sand control system can wash down in the openhole wellbore, then perform a single-trip gravel pack. Afterwards, the system can be converted to stimulation of the well.


  • Pressure-Actuated Differential Valve
  • Ball-Actuated Anti-Reversing Valve

RST System: Perforate and Stimulate

Our Releasable Single-Trip (RST) sand control system lets operators perforate and frac pac a zone of interest in one pipe trip, reducing the time perforations remain open to fluid losses in the wellbore. Minimizing pressure shock during perforation, the perf assembly is separated from the RST system prior to firing, after which it drops downhole.


  • Depth Verification Tool
  • Multi-cycle On-Off Tool

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