International Snubbing Services (ISS)

Well Intervention and Equipment: Where Technology, Innovation, and Imagination Converge.

Since 1982, International Snubbing Services (ISS) has provided industry-leading well intervention services and equipment, helping its clients maintain a strong competitive edge worldwide. Areas of expertise include hydraulic workover, snubbing, well control, blowout prevention, P&A, offshore drilling, intervention solutions, and equipment—all backed by solid engineering support.

Continually evolving and innovating, ISS manufactures and maintains its own purpose built equipment strictly for both live and dead well intervention applications. Through the redesign and modification of various rig components, we’ve helped our clients achieve operational efficiencies, reducing equipment weight and footprint while maximizing capacity and performance. Our fleet of HWO/Snubbing Units, ranging from 150K Quick Rigs to 600K Stand Alone Units, has been specifically designed to work in the most extreme environments and well conditions.

Hydraulic Workover

  • Completions/ Recompletions
  • ESP Changeouts
  • Well Deepening & Cleaning
  • Casing Leak Repair
  • Fishing
  • Plug Installation
  • Gravel Packing


  • Cleanouts
  • Casing Leak Remediation
  • Frac Strings Installation & Removal
  • Plug/Packer/Liner Installation
  • Perforations
  • Live Well Fishing
  • Blowout Recovery
  • Frac Plug Milling

Plug & Abandonment

  • Isolating Reservoirs
  • Completion Removal
  • Pumping Cement Plugs
  • Casing Milling/Cutting
  • Section Milling
  • Re-entry P&A


  • Project Management/Planning
  • Workover/Snubbing Programs
  • Downhole Tool Selection
  • Pipe Modelling
  • Logistics Management
  • Risk Assessments

Deepwater Services

  • Workovers
  • ESP Changeouts
  • Recompletions
  • Gravel Packing
  • Cleanouts
  • Subsea Riser Removal/Installation
  • Plug & Abandonment