Well Screens & ICD Technologies

Doing It Right the First Time, Every Time

Since 2004, Superior has manufactured a sand screen product line. Uncommonly reliable, our well screen services are designed to meet all of your project needs for operations worldwide.

A close up on perferated tubes

Conventional Wire Wrap Well Screen Solutions

  • EconoWeld™
  • ProWeld™
  • ProWeld™ Precision TOP
  • SlimFlo™ 

Conventional Premium Woven Wire Mesh Screens

  • EconoFlo™
  • DynaFlo™ Interceptor™
  • DynaFlo FM™
  • DynaFlo™ DB premium screens
  • CoilFlo™ DB
  • SureFlo™ CT

Unconventional Well Screen Solutions

  • Screen Communication System (SCS)
  • Internal SCS
  • External SCS
  • SelectFlo™ Screens – screen-wrapped sleeve
  • Swell Packer
  • Slip On
  • Pipe Based
  • UniFlo™ - Inflow Control
  • Device (ICD)
  • Helical ICD
  • Radial Orifice ICD

Additional Information on Well Screens & ICD Technologies