Isolation & Barrier Valves

Unparalleled Barrier and Zonal Isolation

Whether it’s concentric string completions or otherwise, Superior Completion Services has established its reputation as an industry leader in well isolation systems. In fields around the world, our unique sealing mechanism and fluid loss devices deployed with the ISO system are proven staples. When paired with the Superior interventionless flow valve suite, it delivers unmatched flexibility to your completion program for standard, highly deviated and/or complex trajectories, and deepwater fields. For green or brown field development, it’s the obvious choice.

Close up of the interior of a pipe


  • ISO Isolation System
  • HPR Isolation System
  • Interventionless Isolation System

Fluid Loss Devices

  • Flapper Valves
  • Sliding Sleeve/Multi-Service Valve (MSV)

Interventionless Innovation

Dramatically reducing timeline and overall cost, Superior Completion flow valves apply innovative technology for fluid loss control at sandface and interventionless production. Our valves seamlessly integrate with ISO systems, which easily interface with upper completion valves, enabling production zone of choice by application of hydraulic pressure. By providing a contingency mechanical opening, they also reduce risk.

Production Flow Valves

  • Reclosable Pressure-Actuated Circulating Valve (X-PAC)
  • Reclosable Radial Flow Valve (X-RFV™)
  • Reclosable Annular Flow Valve (X-AFV™)
  • Pressure-Actuated Circulating Valve (PAC)
  • Radial Flow Valve (RFV)
  • Annular Flow Valve (AFV)

Multi-Application Barrier Valves

Deployed in the wellbore as a temporary barrier as part of the completion, Superior Barrier Valves are qualified according to API 19V to a V1 grade. Available in mechanical or hydraulic versions, these valves meet the needs of a variety of completions, including applications in deepwater subsea wells, standalone screens, and sand control wells. Their field-proven design includes advanced features for debris resistance.

  • Pressure-Actuated Circulating Valve (PAC)
  • Reclosable Hydraulic Barrier Valve (X-HBV™)
  • Reclosable Mechanical Barrier Valve (X-MBV)


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