Our commitment to our stakeholders is tied to our Shared Core Values, consistent decision-making, and our resolution to do the right thing in all our dealings.

We believe it's our obligation to conduct business with the highest level of ethics and integrity and to do so with regular, transparent communication with stakeholders. With experienced leadership, we understand that strong governance is foundational to our operational excellence.

With this mindset, we prioritize worker safety, environmental stewardship, zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment, and corporate responsibility in the communities where we work and live.

All Superior employees have a responsibility to be alert for any behaviors or activities that violate our Shared Core Values to help protect co-workers and the Company's good name. We offer employees a number of options to report any such suspected violations.

Additionally, it's incumbent upon us to help suppliers and business partners understand our expectations and act in a way that's consistent with our standards and policies.

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Our Board of Directors

Superior is led by a seven-member Board of Directors, providing extensive expertise in industries including oil and gas, oilfield services, financial, and industrial engineering.

The current Board consists of:

  • Brian Moore, Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer
  • Joseph Citarrella
  • Rebecca Bayless
  • Daniel E. Flores
  • Ian Foster
  • Julie J. Robertson
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