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  • Drilling Technology Center
  • 2202 Oil Center Court
  • Houston, TX 77073
  • Phone: +1 281 784 4700
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  • Executive:
  • Bryan Ellis, President

Wild Well Control


Wild Well Control Wild Well Control

Wild Well Control is the world’s leading provider of onshore and offshore well control emergency response, pressure control, relief well planning, engineering and training services.

Wild Well provides its services globally and responds to an estimated 80% of the global well control response market. Wild Well has the largest inventory of dedicated well control and response equipment. The well control and specialized equipment packages are staged and maintained in multiple strategic locations globally for a timely response.

Wild Well provides a complete line of preventative resources, including: well control Emergency Response Plans, drills, and exercises. Also, Wild Well issues 25% of all IADC certificates worldwide to assist operators to prepare, prevent and respond to well control emergencies and associated hazards.

Products & Services

Well Control & Engineering

  • Blowout & Pressure Control Emergency Response
  • Relief Well Planning & Execution
  • Unconventional Intervention
  • Engineering Analysis & Modeling Services

Risk Management

  • Response Planning & Drills
  • Kick Drill Assessments
  • Well Control Equipment Surveys

Well Control Training - IADC

  • Awareness
  • Introduction to Drilling Operations
  • Drilling (Driller & Supervisor)
  • Supervisor Pro Drilling
  • Oil & Gas Operator Representative
  • Subsea & Advanced Subsea
  • Workover
  • WellSharp Live