Superior Energy Completion Services

Isolation and Barrier Valves
Superior Energy Completion Services


Isolation/Barrier Valves

Unparalleled zonal isolation system with industry leading technology and features

Isolation Systems

Superior Completion Services is an industry leader when it comes to concentric string type completion or otherwise. The unique sealing mechanism and fluid loss devices deployed as part of the ISO system have been a proven staple across numerous fields around the globe. When paired with the Superior interventionless flow valve suite, it opens up an unparalleled flexibility to a completion program for in standard, highly deviated/complex trajectory, and deepwater fields; making this system an easy choice for green or brown field development.

Interventionless Flow Valves

The Superior Completion flow valves provide industry-leading innovative technology for fluid loss control at sandface and interventionless production, thereby reducing the completion timeline and overall cost. These valves seamlessly integrate with ISO systems, which easily interfaces with upper completion valves, to enable production zone of choice by application of hydraulic pressure. These valves also reduce the overall risk factor by providing contingency mechanical opening.

Production Flow Valves

Barrier Valves

The Superior barrier valves are qualified as per API 19V to a V1 grade. These valves are deployed in the wellbore as part of the completion and are to be used as a temporary barrier. The valves are available in mechanical or hydraulic versions, to suit the needs of various types of completions. This field proven design incorporates some of the cutting-edge designs for debris resistance. Typical application consists of usage in deepwater subsea wells, standalone screens and sand control wells.