Superior Energy Completion Services

Superior Energy Completion Systems
Superior Energy Completion Services


Completion systems combined with customized tools for downhole sand control, stimulation, and production-related solutions in strategic areas around the world

Superior Energy Completion Services delivers effective sand control, stimulation and production-related solutions for any downhole condition. Challenging completions on land, in the shelf, in deep and ultra-deepwater demand high-quality technology that reduces risk, increases completion efficiencies and maximizes production.

Extensive International and Deepwater Experience

Our well completion history goes further back than many realize. Through our predecessors Completion Services, Osca Inc., and BJ Services, our international experience began over two decades ago. With highly-engineered technology that became known as the CompSet™ and Comp-Perm™ packers, isolation valves and crossover tools, we first entered the international market in Trinidad in the mid-1990’s. Since then, we’ve expanded into strategic countries around the world including Brazil, Indonesia, and Kuwait, to name a few. Indeed, our downhole completion tools and systems are proven designs and have been continually refined to meet our customers’ requirements.

Domestically, we have installed sand control tool systems in over 400 zones in more than 200 deepwater wells in the Gulf of Mexico. These include both intelligent and non-intelligent systems in well depths greater than 30,000 feet and bottomhole pressures greater than 20,000 psi.

From packers, sleeves, plugs, gravel pack, to multizone single-trip frac systems, we have the technology, equipment and the expertise to complete your well safely, on-time, every time.

Strategically positioned to serve our customers.