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Omnifrac Pro Toe™
Completion Services

Superior Energy Completion Services


Superior Energy Completion Services has the technology, resources and experience to deliver effective sand control and stimulation services in any downhole condition. Challenging completions on the shelf, in deepwater and in ultra-deepwater arenas demand state-of-the-art technology that reduces risk, increases completion efficiencies and maximizes production.

Superior's field proven best-in-class sand control tools and stimulation services minimize risk, reduce completion costs and deliver optimized completions.

Completion Systems

Sand Control

Conventional gravel pack and frac pack systems

  • Differential ratings to 15,000 psi and 350°F, externally retrievable
  • Industry leading zone isolation and interventionless production initiation systems
  • ComPlete™ single trip systems for reducing completion cycle time and optimizing reservoir productivity
    • MST™ (multizone single trip) - gravel pack or frac pack multiple zones in a single trip
    • RST™ (releasable single trip) - perforate and gravel pack/frac pack system
    • HST™ (horizontal single trip) - washdown, gravel pack/frac pack and selective stimulation system
  • FlowSafe™ wireline and tubing retrievable surface controlled subsurface safety valves
  • Premium wire wrapped screens
  • Service assemblies

OmniFrac MST™ Frac System

  • An open-hole multi-stage completion system designed for land-based completions in unconventional tight gas sands, gas and hydrate shales and coal bed methane reservoirs
  • Lower cost alternative to cemented "plug and perf" completions and allows operators more surface area to the reservoir, increased production and faster stimulation times when compared to conventional completion methods
  • Utilizes packers for zonal isolation and ball-drop actuated sleeves for staged fracture treatments
  • The OmniFrac Pro Toe™ allows the operator 100% casing integrity testing to full stimulation pressure, up to three times per use. It provides a flow path from the casing ID to the formation without the need for casing perforation saving time and money.

Well Screens

  • ProWeld™ standard and HD wire wrapped screens including wrap on pipe
  • DynaFlo™ DB diffusion bonded premium screens
  • Uniflo™ ICD systems

Surface Controlled Sub Surface Safety Valves

  • FlowSafe™ tubing retrievable and wireline retrievable subsurface safety valves 2 3/8" to 7", 5,000 - 10,000 psi rated

Artificial Lift

  • Plunger Lift
  • Gas Lift

To learn more about artificial lift services, please click here.

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HAWC System

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OmniFrac Pro Toe

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