Superior Energy Completion Services

Superior Energy Completion Systems
Superior Energy Completion Services

Proven, targeted completion solutions. When and where you need them.

Superior Completion Services provides strategic solutions and expertise in downhole sand control, stimulation, production, and injection well completions to maximize the safety, efficiency, and profitability of every well.

Depth of Superior Experience

When you are looking for a responsive partner that is experienced and driven, look no further. We trace our history back to 1980 through our predecessor, Completion Services, which ran the first CompSet™ packers and gravel-pack systems in the Gulf of Mexico.

Throughout the years, our company has stayed true to its roots, delivering timely completion solutions for any downhole condition. Our innovative technologies and operational expertise have been proven on the shelf and in the most challenging environments.

We understand that our customers rely on us to provide tools that help reduce costs, save time and simply be reliable. We take pride in knowing that we can deliver.

Strategic International Markets

We first entered the international market in Trinidad in the mid-1990’s with packers, isolation valves and crossover tools. Since then, we’ve expanded into strategic countries around the world including Brazil, Indonesia, and Kuwait, to name a few.

From packers, screens, flow valves, gravel pack, to multizone single-trip frac systems, we have the technology, equipment and the expertise to complete your well efficiently and safely, on-time, every time.

Strategically positioned to serve our customers.