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  • Deidre Toups, President

Stabil Drill


When it comes to bottomhole assemblies, there's only one rental tool name to know — Stabil Drill. Stabil Drill provides exceptional quality rental tools for downhole assembly usage. Since 1986, Stabil Drill has been providing tough and durable tools delivered where and when you need them, providing wellsite experi-ence and downhole knowledge for today's demanding drilling applications.

Since 1986, Stabil Drill has provided tough, durable bottom hole tools, along with extensive wellsite experience and the downhole knowledge to tackle today's demanding drilling applications.

Stabil Drill can easily fit any assembly with an inventory of more than 20,000 rental tools, including stabilizers, non-magnetic drill collars, hole openers, shock tools, torque subs, reamers, mills, and subs.

With manufacturing and specialty machining facilities along the Gulf Coast, in Atlantic Canada and Scotland, you always get the right tool for your job, right on time. Plus, our manufacturing facilities include state of the art CNC lathes and are API and ISO 9001-certified.

Stabil Drill