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Sand Control Systems

Time tested, reliable and field proven solution for your sand control needs

Gravel/Frac packing is an effective method for completing unconsolidated sandstone wells from producing sand. Superior offers ComPlete™ systems for a standard stack-pack, as a single-trip in multizone, or in ultra-deepwater completions. Our long-established field proven tools, coupled with decades of experience and expertise, provide a range of options to help you get the most out of your production.

Gravel Pack and Frac-Pack Systems

ComPlete™ Frac-Pack System

Superior Completion Services’ ComPlete™ Frac-Pack System is a single-trip, single-zone, frac/gravel-pack completion system. The system allows set-down weight to be applied in both squeeze and circulating positions to eliminate problems associated with tubing movement during the well treatment.

ComPlete™ Frac-Pack Deep-Zone System

Superior Completion Services’ ComPlete™ Frac-Pack Deep-Zone System is a frac-pack rated sand control placement technology. It is specially configured for deep completions where work string stretch and drag make downhole tool manipulation more challenging.

ComPlete™ Anti-Swab System

Superior Completion Services’ ComPlete™ Frac-Pack Anti-Swab System is a frac-pack stimulation tool technology designed for highly unconsolidated formations requiring sand-control treatment.