Complete Automated Technology System


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CATS — Complete Automated Technology System — is leading the industry into automated well completion services with a focus on meeting today's completion challenges of long lateral applications. A CATS rig is used for onshore and offshore completion services and it uses remote-operated or pre-programmed robotics to control various completion components, including a snubbing unit, BOP/well control stack, pumps, circulation tanks, top drive, closing systems and pipe handling systems as part of one unit.

The use of remotely operated or pre-programmed robotic components also allows for safer, more precise operations as well as data collection of operations, which draws the petroleum service closer to a manufactured well design that allows for consistent repeat performance of completion designs.

With minimal crew sizes and integrated, cutting-edge software systems allowing superior performance at the wellhead, a CATS rig is able to provide clients with greater record-keeping abilities during operations to replace educated guesses with analytical data that can be reviewed to perfect well performance and lower costs.

Complete Automated Technology System Complete Automated Technology System