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CSI Technologies


  • CSI Technologies
  • 1930 W.W. Thorne Drive
  • Houston, TX 77073
  • Phone: +1 281 784 7990
  • Fax: +1 281 784 7995
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  • csi-info@csi-tech.net
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  • csi-tech.net
  • Executive:
  • Fred Sabins, President


CSI Technologies


CSI Technologies recognizes the critical relationship between sound engineering design, field based support, and laboratory testing and validations. The world-class engineering staff has a deep and rich understanding of the unique challenges facing operators. Using a combination of laboratory investigation and engineering analysis, CSI Technologies is focused on developing and delivering state of the art technology and product development to the drilling and completions industry to solve challenging problems ranging from high-pressure, high-temperature cementing to effective stimulation techniques and lost circulation.

  • Engineering Services
    • Cement Certification
    • Primary Cement
    • Remedial Cementing
    • Cement Job Failure
  • Research & Development
  • Lab & Testing Services
  • Cement Audit Services
  • Resin Sealant Systems
CSI Technologies