Warrior provides premium production-related services to all major U.S. onshore and offshore producing regions. Warrior specializes in high-pressure and high-temperature wells, along with difficult pipe recovery operations. Warrior's primary service offerings include:

  • E-Line Services
    • Mechanical E-line Services
    • Conventional Pipe Recovery
    • Wireless Pipe Recovery
    • Logging
  • Superior Slickline Services
    • Well Performance Testing & Evaluation
    • Pressure Management
    • Production Logging
    • Tubing/Casing Inspection
    • Detonating/Recompletion Services
  • SPC Rentals
    • Electric Line Support Equipment
    • Flow Iron Packages
    • Coiled Tubing Support Equipment
    • Motors
    • Pumping Services
  • Hydraulic Workover & Snubbing Services
    • Flowback & Production Testing Services
    • Flowback Equipment
    • Support Equipment
  • Completion, Workover & Critical Well Applications
  • Pressure Testing
  • Green Flowback Process
  • Cementing & Pumping Services
  • Cementing Services
  • Acidizing Services
  • Vertical Well Fracturing

Warrior also operates two manufacturing and repair facilities located in Laurel, MS and Decatur, TX. The Laurel facility manufactures wireline trucks, offshore wireline skids and P&A packages, while the Texas facility primarily manufactures snubbing units and related equipment. The vast majority of the equipment we manufacture and repair is for our own use.

Snubbing Warrior Cementing

Wireless Pipe Recovery System Animation

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