Production Management Industries
Production Management Industries
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  • Donald P. Mehrtens, Vice President

Production Management Industries


Production Management Industries (PMI) plays an integral role in helping energy producers maintain an environment friendly approach to business.

PMI offers the following services:

Dockside and Drilling Rig Services:

  • Marine Supply Vessels Tank Cleaning
  • Automated (Mudhog) and Conventional
  • Drilling Mud, Drybulk, Completion Fluids
  • Portable Containers Cleaning
  • Rig Cleaning

Offshore Services:

  • Offshore & Land Production Tank & Vessel Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Patented VICTA system - On-Line Production Vessel Cleaning
  • Facilities Decommissioning
  • Particle Filtering for Sensitive New Fabrication
  • Glycol System Sampling and Cleaning
  • Platform Washdown and Drain maintenance

Environmental Project Management - Full Service Solution company for:

  • E&P Non-Hazardous Oilfield Waste
  • NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material)

PMI also provides the following services:

  • Field Survey & Assessments
  • Remediation
  • Waste Handling & Processing
  • Cleaning & Decon Crews
  • RA-226 Field Screening

Conveniently located at every major port in Louisiana, PMI has pioneered a number of successful process improvements that help clients avoid the major cost drivers associated with drilling wastes. Our innovative programs have saved clients money and also drastically reduced exposure to inherent liabilities associated with drilling waste, waste handling, transportation and disposal.

Whether its platform and rig washdowns, safe vessel entry cleaning, or a NORM contaminated land remediation, PMI can provide a solution that is safe, practical and cost efficient while keeping downtime to a minimum.