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PMI Environmental Services Opens Shorebase in Morgan City, Louisiana

Morgan City, La. (Sept. 11, 2014) — PMI Environmental Services, a Superior Energy Services company, has opened a shorebase in Morgan City, Louisiana, focused on supporting shelf, coastal and inland waters production and drilling activities.

PMI’s shorebase is centrally located on the Louisiana coast and provides better protection from weather events than ports located directly on the Louisiana coastline. It maintains a close proximity to established fuel docks, mud docks, 29-B waste transfer stations, rental and supply companies, fabrication yards, shipyards, repurpose facilities and other industry and civil infrastructure to support offshore or inland oil and gas properties.

The 12.5 acre site with a 600 foot bulkhead dock can easily accommodate the necessary services expected for a first class shorebase facility. It includes ample acreage for material handling and temporary storage, both open and enclosed, for dry goods and sensitive equipment; secure short-term and long-term parking; marine and aviation crew changes; meeting rooms; a safety training facility; customer office space; and satellite offices for logistics coordinators.

“As the demand for resources in Louisiana’s deepwater port has increased with projections for deepwater drilling activities continuing that upward trend, PMI is providing an alternative solution for operators that are experiencing inefficiencies supporting their operations,” said Don Mehrtens, PMI vice president. “The lower demand on resources at our new base will create value to operators with more efficient uses of their marine assets, lower equipment and personnel transportation costs into and out of this port.”

Jamie Holt, general manager of PMI’s Gulf of Mexico business unit, said, “We will focus on safe material handling and minimizing marine vessel port time to lower an operator’s LOE and AFE expenses. We have created a first class facility in the birthplace of the offshore oil and gas industry to provide shorebase support for production facilities, drilling programs and well work, as well as construction projects and decommissioning activities.”

Morgan City

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About Production Management Industries

PMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Superior Energy Services, Inc. which is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange as SPN. PMI is headquartered in Morgan City, Louisiana, with Louisiana branches in Fourchon, Venice and Harvey, and a Texas branch in Midland. It offers dockside boat, barge tank and portable container cleaning; production and process equipment maintenance cleaning; NORM specific-licensee; hazardous/non-hazardous waste assessment, sampling, remediation and restoration, as well as closure of facility, pit, marsh and wetland areas. For more information, visit