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Prospect Submerges Themselves Into Another Challenging Project

Aberdeen, Scotland, (Apr. 25, 2012) — Prospect, a Superior Energy Services company, recently completed the detailed design of a submerged buoyancy collector (SBC) for Swire Seabed AS. The project was a response to an unplanned situation where over 130 buoyancy modules required urgent removal from damaged flexible risers.

The SBC was designed in two parts: a base and a collection cage. Once deployed to the seabed an ROV removed the locking pins allowing the collection cage to be raised off the base. The cage was then positioned above the pipeline where the buoyancy modules were tied down and the module straps were cut allowing them to float up into the cage. This procedure was repeated until the collector cage was full, where it was reattached to the base, so that it could be lifted onto a vessel for unloading. Prospect developed a working structure within an aggressive schedule initially using AutoCad Inventor to scale and detail the concept. The structure was analysed and optimised using structural analysis software, with complex regions validated using finite element analysis. Prospect provided the client with marine dynamic operational analysis of the SBC, confirming the stability and buoyancy of it both when fully laden and when empty.

Roger Tindley, Project Manager at Swire Seabed AS, said "We had an idea of how to deal with the buoyancy elements on the risers, but needed an engineering analysis of its feasibility. Prospect carried the initial idea from design through to manufacture within a tight schedule and maintained close contact with ourselves and the constructors. We had complete confidence in operating the device and it performed completely within specifications. This is the first time that an operation like this has been performed, and will undoubtedly have an impact on future decommissioning projects.”

Ewan Giles, Prospect's UK Sales & Marketing Manager, also added "Swire Seabed AS are a fantastic client to work with who allowed us to get fully involved in the project. Undertaking a larger, off the wall design project has allowed us to work closely together to develop a bespoke solution that fits the client's requirements perfectly.”

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