Hallin Sponsors World Record Atlantic Rowing Attempt
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Hallin Sponsors World Record Atlantic Rowing Attempt

Team Hallin believes it will be the first to break the unobtainable "one-month" record for rowing the blue ribbon, East to West crossing of the Atlantic.

Dec. 16, 2010 — Hallin Marine, a Superior Energy Services company, is sponsoring "Team Hallin" as they attempt to shave more than three days from the current record of 33 days and seven hours for rowing the Atlantic from the Canary Islands to Barbados.

The "one-month" record for the blue ribbon event of ocean rowing has been considered unobtainable but the six international-class rowers who make up Team Hallin believe their intensive training and revolutionary vessel will see them achieve the impossible.

The rowers will work in two teams of three, rowing for two hours and then having two hours to eat, wash, carry out any maintenance needed and, if there is time, sleep before the whole routine starts again!

The vessel "Team Hallin" is a revolutionary-designed rowing trimaran. Its shape means it is light, stable and very fast through the water and, at its widest part, the main hull is just one metre in width. This means the sleeping area for two people is just the size of a small bath!

The crew is led by former Royal Navy Commander and war hero David Hosking, MBE. He said: "All the team know what they are letting themselves in for and have no illusions that the month will be very hard work: bad food, little sleep and sea sickness.

"We will all suffer blisters and multiple injuries and lose up to two stones in weight. But we are doing it to break a world record and to raise money for a very deserving cause."

Hallin Marine CEO, John Giddens, said: "We are proud to be associated with Team Hallin's world record attempt.

"We believe our company and their project have a lot in common: talented and committed personnel; clear and achievable objectives; focused risk analysis and management; and a real desire to see a project through to its successful conclusion!

"The Team Hallin vessel, like Hallin's Compact Semi Submersible, The Derwent that is currently being built, is a revolutionary solution to vessel dynamics and operations that is game changing. "

The Team Hallin crew are positioning to the Canary Islands to wait for favourable wind and seas forecasts before setting off on their record attempt later this month.

Team Hallin aims to raise £100,000 for Combat Stress, a leading military charity specialising in the care of service veterans' mental health.

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